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Introduction - Katrin Müller & Linda Zettergren

Alex talks about his experience as a consultant for tech HR topics. He shares valuable insights on sourcing IT and engineering talents and discusses different recruiting channels with Linda and Katrin.

Who are you? – Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

My name is Alex, I’m a freelance recruiter from Berlin. I grew up in Erfurt, a small but beautiful city in the middle of Germany and came to Berlin almost 10 years ago. I moved into recruiting and the whole start-up universe more by accident. I always wanted to work for a fancy company but I already hated the interview process for an internship so much that I decided I can never work there. A decision I don’t regret at all. A fun fact about me: I have a thing of products that survived the GDR: I love Neunspringe and Vita Cola, Born Ketchup is my favorite and I think Nudossi is pretty good.

What are you passionate about?

I’m really into photography. I don’t like taking pictures with my mobile phone – for me it’s really about capturing the moment, the right composition and light. A good friend and I frequently drive to „lost places“ around Berlin and Brandenburg. For me it’s not only about the pictures, but actually being there and feeling the atmosphere of the place. Unfortunately, in most of those places we had to run from security…

Give us a thought about the recording day!

was really surprised by how easy the whole thing is – no big IT or tech setup… just a mobile phone and a microphone and off you go.

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