Reaching high together

Lisantix is a digital boutique consulting agency with a vision to help companies build a sustainable and healthy work culture.

Our mission is to help our clients embrace digital change – and to help them build a work culture that promotes personal and business growth alike.

Our values

We provide companies with meaningful solutions for creating a sustainable and healthy work culture, supported by intelligent technologies and a human component.

We help our clients to keep pace with the rapid changes in the digital work culture.

Each of our clients faces individual challenges – our digital solutions never come off the shelf, but are always tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Foundation and Growth

"Shit in, shit out" is a major rule in programming. While our general attitude here at Lisantix is a tad more positive, we share the underlying attitude: The success of a company depends on its people.

Innovation and Culture

95 percent of all applicants value soft factors like the culture and core values of a company more so than a big salary or a car allowance. Do we have to say more?

Learn and Educate

Our world of work is rapidly changing, which can either be threatening or an exciting opportunity for something greater. We believe it’s an exciting opportunity and are happy to help you navigate this change!

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