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Führe ein erstes kostenloses Beratungsgespräch mit Katrin Müller.


Introduction - Katrin Müller & Linda Zettergren

In this short introduction to their new podcast "Daily Madness HR", Katrin Müller and Linda Zettergren introduce themselves. They explain the structure of the interview series and give first insights to their experiences and fuck ups.

Who are you? – Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Originally from the Swedish forests (in fact, the village I grew up in consists of 4 houses and 6 inhabitants), I have worked in the Berlin tech-scene since 2014 and in 2015, I joined an AIaaS company as their Head of HR, where I built and led the department. I helped scaling the company from 20 to 100 employees before founding my own consulting business in 2018.

What are you passionate about?

On the professional side, I’m passionate about how ScaleUps can grow sustainably. On the private side, a big passion is watching football in general and Man United in particular (not this season though).

Give us a thought about the recording day!

It struck me how inspiring it is to talk about mistakes and what can be learned from them!